Kinship Vacations is a social enterprise. What does that mean?


social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being.


Ashley (the owner of Kinship Vacations), went to get an MBA at the George Washington University so she could pursue a career in International Development and build a social enterprise. While she didn’t end up in the International Development field, she felt it important to commit to being a social entrepreneur. It has always been important for Ashley to give back to and serve her community.

Kinship Vacations gives back to the military (and larger) community in different ways: partnerships with other military community social-enterprises and nonprofit organizations, preference for suppliers that are socially and environmentally responsible, partnerships with nonprofits/ foundations to design travel-related fundraising opportunities, and through our program specifically designed to help military spouses and veterans gain meaningful and fulfilling employment in the travel industry.


Our Partnerships with Nonprofits/ Foundations to Provide Travel-Related Fundraising Opportunities:


One of our specialties is group travel, more specifically fundraising/ revenue-producing group travel. We love to work with nonprofit organizations such as military spouse clubs and foundations such as ROTC alumni associations to create memorable and engaging group trips for their members/ patrons that will not only be fun but will provide revenue for their organization’s fundraising goals.


To get more information and ideas on these group travel fundraising opportunities, please visit our Group Travel page.

Our Program Aimed at Decreasing Military Spouse Unemployment:


Our biggest dream here at Kinship Vacations is to bring down, what is currently, a 28% unemployment rate and an underemployment rate as high as 55% for military spouses. The founder of Kinship Vacations is a military spouse, veteran, and former military brat; therefore, she fully understands the challenges and opportunities of military life.

For this reason, Kinship Vacation has created a comprehensive Travel Advisor Training and Mentorship Program specifically designed for military spouses and veterans. For more information on this program, please visit our Travel Advisor Careers page.


Do You Want to Give Back Too?


If you are excited and motivated to give back to the community much like Kinship Vacations, there are two ways you can get started:


  1. Book a Trip with a Kinship Vacations Travel Advisor – By working with one of our military spouse/ veteran travel advisors to plan your next trip, you are contributing directly to the welfare of a community that already gives so much. You will be helping a small business owner to provide for their family, which in turn, keeps our military strong, ready, and healthy!  Start by filling out our trip planning form.

  2. Purchase one of our e-Gift Cards – Our gift cards are a great option for those that love to travel, those that “have everything”, and those that value experiences over things! Also, if you are caught at the last minute without a gift for that “special someone”, this is a great last-minute gift idea! These gift cards can be used towards our custom travel design and planning services. Get your gift card here.