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I help families plan historically-rich vacations, so they can reconnect while immersing themselves in a destination’s culture, both past and present. 


Specialties: Family travel with teens/tweens; group travel; California-USA


“It’s better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.” - Asian Proverb


As a kid, I can count on one hand the times I left our small Sierra Nevada California town.  I always had dreams of traveling, and when it came time for me to look for a job, I researched professions that would help me to see the world. Flight Attendant, cruise line employee, even travel agent! I finally decided on the United States Navy! 


I left home for the Navy when I was 19 years old and have been traveling the world ever since. I served in the Navy for three years, and I was lucky enough to be stationed in Hawaii! Through the navy, I visited Australia and several Countries in Asia including Thailand where I became engaged. 


My love of travel continued as I transitioned from sailor to military spouse and later, mom.  With each new military assignment, we took time to visit more parts of our country learning and to teaching our two sons about the rich history of the United States. Our family recently returned from an assignment in the Middle East! We lived in the island kingdom of Bahrain and while there, we took the opportunity to experience all that we could. I was able to plan visits to Greece, France, Oman, Dubai (UAE) and Italy.  It was during this time where my love affair with Italy started. After visiting Italy for two weeks, I knew that I would be back many times I just felt such a connection. 


I love helping people find that connection by planning fantastic travel. Whether it be your dream vacation or something spontaneous, I want to help you start living your best life! 

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