The quick answer to this question is: no, we are not an MLM or direct-sales company. I realize why this is being asked though. The military spouse community, in particular, is over-inundated with MLM/direct sales opportunities. It makes sense, right? MLMs/ direct s...

Virgin Voyages seeks to completely change the cruising experience! Virgin wants to encourage those that never would have even considered a cruise before to give it a try. They want to bring people that may have had a less-than-desirable cruise experience onboard and se...

Instead of consulting some other experts on their top picks for 2019 travel, I wanted to consult the experts at Kinship Vacations. We each have our own specialty and interest in travel, so I think you’ll find something different and interesting for everyone! Without fu...

Depending on where you’re traveling, a travel advisor can be a great addition to your trip. There are also circumstances where it may not be wise to recruit an advisor. This is a comprehensive breakdown of the good, the bad and ugly when it comes to making your decis...

15 Nov 2018

Unemployment and underemployment of military spouses is approximately six times higher than the general population. Travel-related careers offer a potential solution to this problem. 

WILLIAMSBURG, Virginia – November 16, 2018 – Ashley Metesh-McCoy, Owner of Kinship Vac...

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Best Time to Book Flights by Season (and Other Flight Hacks)

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