Sophia Julias, Travel Advisor -  Bahama, Caribbean, Hawaii, Japan. Couples & Family Vacation Planning

*Certified Leisure Travel Specialist - Travel Leaders Network

I help people who crave some fun in the sun plan their unforgettable beach vacations.

Hi! I’m Sophia and I love the beach!


I’ve been a military spouse for over 12 years and I am a mother to two amazing daughters. Growing up, my father was in the Navy and I was born and raised in Japan where I lived for the first 19 years of my life. Being stationed at Naval bases, I was always surrounded by the beautiful ocean. Spending the day swimming and building sandcastles at the gorgeous beaches in Okinawa was when my love for the beach began. One thing that can be unpredictable in the military is that you don’t always know where you are going to be stationed. Although being stationed at bases that are nowhere near the beaches has been difficult at times, it also means that I get to plan vacations to beaches around the world with my family.


Having dealt with the craziness that comes with military life, I know how stressful it can be to take the time to plan a memorable vacation. The first time I planned a vacation was a trip I booked to Miami with my husband after he came home from deployment. I am very detail-oriented so I had everything planned out for when my husband would come home. But of course, military life happened and my husband’s arrival date was pushed back, twice! Although the situation was frustrating, being the type of person that always expects the unexpected made it easier for me to make the adjustments to our trip without being stressed. Even though all the chaos that came with planning this trip, I loved every moment of it because it ended up being one of the most memorable trips we’ve taken. 


Some of the most incredible beach vacations we have ever taken were to Turks and Caicos, Hawaii, and Japan. 


Taking time out of our busy schedules to plan a vacation is a very important part of our lives. It helps us take a break from reality to relax, bond with each other, and even improves our happiness. 


So, let’s get started on planning your unforgettable beach getaway! 


Life is always better at the beach!

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