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Maggie Cubbler, Independent Travel Advisor with Kinship Vacations



Hi! I’m Maggie.


I’m a wife and mother-to-a-three-year-old. I’m a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers, fluent in French and I always win at board games. Well, mostly always. Ok, sometimes.


And I think beer is awesome.


So awesome, in fact, I’ve made it my life’s work to travel the world tasting all the beautiful beer and meeting the people and cultures behind every one.


My beer career started many years ago when I was in the Navy. It started with a Rogue Dead Guy Ale while watching football at our favorite sports bar with my friends, one of whom would become my future husband. I was instantly hooked. On both the beer and the guy.


Life then took some twists and turns: we married. We bought a house. We left it all and moved to England for half a decade. Then to Germany, where I am now. But through it all, beer was our hobby and our fun: homebrewing, beer festivals, traveling to far off lands to experience the local beer culture. Over all those years and many beers, I went pro. Yes, I’m a professional beer drinker. I got my accreditation as a beer sommelier in 2014.


While I love a pint as much as the next person, what really draws me to beer and beer travel are the people I’ve met along the way. Beer is one of the greatest connectors of people and has been that way for centuries. It’s over a beer where I got to know my husband. It’s because of beer that I’ve made some of my best friends. The taste, the ingredients and the brewers behind each beer tell a story of a people’s history, culture and geography in the most intriguing way.


I want to get you to these places and connect you to people through their beer.


Therefore, I started Unfiltered Journeys. As a noted beer expert, I always knew the best places to find the world’s best beer. Living in Europe and traveling extensively for beer anyways, I realized I had been doing it already for friends and family for years. My friends (and husband) were happy to let me research, research, plan, research and book all of our holidays. It’s a LOT of work. As I’m sure you know.


From ales to Zwickels, I can create an epic Brewcation for you. If you’re a beer lover who would love to experience beer in great beer destinations like Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK (and many points in between), I’ll take care of it for you. No matter if you’re traveling with friends or have a toddler in tow, I know the best places for YOU to grab a beer in Europe. That way you can relax and have a beer before, well, relaxing and having a beer.


So, see you round the pub?

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