Mackenzie Jervis, Client Care and Marketing Manager


I help adventurous families make their travel dreams a reality.


Specialties: Adventure Family Travel with Young Children


I am Mackenzie, a military spouse and mom to an active toddler.  I have traveled to 65 countries, mostly solo, but now I bring along my son and we are at 15 and counting.  


When I was pregnant, everyone who knew how much I traveled kept telling me it was over.  They said I would now “settle down,” live our little life in Texas, and never be as adventurous as I once was.  That wasn’t true for me, and it doesn’t have to be true for others.


Having a baby or starting a family isn’t the end of your life. It’s just the next step.  You can still experience the amazing world around you, you might just need to bring some more wet wipes.


My goal is to prove that travel isn’t just for young college students.  Travel can enrich families and create educated, empathetic, and worldly little ones.  


At a year old my son has made friends with Finnish children on ferries in the Baltic, ridden camels in Morocco, danced on the cobblestone streets with his extended family in Italy, and had fancy high tea in London.  And we can’t wait to see where our next adventure takes us.


Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Favorite Place to Travel:  Czech Republic, Iceland, Italy, anywhere with mountains…

Favorite Travel Memory:  Summiting Kilimanjaro

Best Travel Tip: You never need to pack as much as you think you do.

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