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Krystal Eicher, Travel Advisor and European Family Travel


I help wanderlusting families discover the unexpected joys of traveling to new places so that they can reconnect to each other and themselves. 


Specialties: European travel – especially Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. I can help you take away the mystery of “foreign travel” and include your family in new adventures. Mainly, I can help you find the best dessert/ice cream/gelato in your destination. 

Military wife. Mother of daughters. Coffee lover. Wine enthusiast. Wanderer at heart.


My name is Krystal and I have been a military spouse for almost 10 years.  Born and raised in Kansas, and a University of Kansas alumni – I was a small-town girl from Kansas with big dreams beyond the sunflower state. It was there that I met this guy who was in KU Army ROTC, who incidentally took me on an even bigger adventure. After graduation we spent some time apart while he attended his Officer Basic Course and I took job in California full time. Then in a spur of the moment decision we eloped and a few months later moved to Mannheim, Germany. 3 months later he deployed for a year to Iraq. Stuck in Europe, totally alone, it was the second time I had EVER been on a military base (the first was to get my dependent ID after we got married), what was a girl to do? I traveled. I signed up for every spouse club trip, and USO tour. I bought Rick Steves Guidebooks and just went for it. A new passion was born.


We lived in Germany for 6 years non-consecutively. Through that experience we were able to travel to 14 different countries. After planning countless adventures for ourselves and family and friends, I realized my true calling – travel consultant.


We have two daughters – 5 years old, and six months old. Our oldest was born premature and with a brain deformity. In her short five years, she has traveled with us to 7 different countries. Experiencing travel through her eyes has been a whole new adventure. Now her little sister is learning the ropes and fitting right in with our adventurous family. Our travels look a little different post-kids: they involve a few more fountain, park, and (my favorite!) gelato pit-stops. Our days end a little sooner, but there is so much more magic to be found.


I believe in the serendipity of travel. I believe in there is joy in the unexpected. I believe that travel makes us better people, expands our horizons, brings us together, builds relationships, challenges our thinking, centers our world, makes us brave, and brings to mind what’s important.  Mostly, I love to help people discover these things for themselves.


Hometown: Hays, KS


Favorite place to travel: Rome, Italy….no wait - Normandy, France… wait – Reykjavík, Iceland!


Favorite family vacation memory: Disney Cruise to Norway 2016. My daughter with special needs was instantly welcomed into the kids’ club and we could hardly get her to leave. The staff was incredible. She got to dance on stage with Mickey and Minnie for a show at the end of the week.  It was incredible!


Best travel tip: Take it easy! You’ll never see all of Italy in one week so don’t even try. You’ll be so tired after your first day that you’ll never be able to appreciate all the subsequent ones.  Pick out one or two MUSTS for your trip and try to link things in between that. The best memories are the ones that came from the unexpected, in-betweens. Don’t forget the reason you are traveling – reconnecting with a loved one, recharging your batteries, finally eating some real gelato, bonding time with your kids. As long as you keep your reasons in focus you can never go wrong.

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